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For over 35 years Ceramiche Mariner establishes itself as a point of reference in the ceramic sector in the production and sale of tiles both in Italy and in Italy abroad while maintaining quality of MADE IN ITALY.

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For over 35 years Ceramiche Mariner establishes itself as a point of reference in the ceramic sector in the production and sale of tiles both in Italy and in Italy abroad while maintaining quality of MADE IN ITALY.


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New Collection Cersaie 2023

New Collection Cersaie 2023

We open the doors of #Cersaie2023 with important news that we are pleased to share with you!

To discover them, we look forward to seeing you at the fair:
Hall 30 - Booth B62
From September 25 to 29 at BolognaFiere

Meet us at Cersaie 2023!

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Cersaie 2023

Cersaie 2023

The new edition of Cersaie 2023 will be held from Monday 25 September to Friday 29 September.

It will be possible to find us in Pavilion / Hall 30 - BoothB62 with a new stand of 150 square meters, where all our latest news will be exhibited.


Click the link below to register and receive your free entrance ticket


Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour vous enregistrer et recevoir votre billet d’entrée gratuit


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Diversity and inclusion policy: Gender equality

Diversity and inclusion policy: Gender equality

The implementation at Ceramiche Mariner spa of the Management System for Gender Equality according to UNI PdR 125:2022 is the natural continuation of what has already been provided for in the company policy with regard to the social issues envisaged in the ESG framework (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) of an ambitious sustainable development project.

With this document, the Management of Ceramiche Mariner spa therefore intends, first of all, to formalize its Policy for diversity, inclusion and gender equality and at the same time reaffirm the assumption of the following commitments:


  • Attracting and hiring people with different backgrounds and abilities, pursuing gender equality in the selection and hiring phase through the identification of a list of candidates that tends to be equal between men and women but also equal in terms of nationality, ethnicity, age, orientation gender or other personal characteristics.
  • Emphasize the importance of meritocracy: experiences, skills and competences guide the choice of the best profiles.
  • Make available to people involved in recruitment processes, such as recruiters and Line Managers, adequate training on gender equality and cognitive biases that can negatively impact selection processes.
  • Promote a policy on the centrality of the person: the characteristics of values ​​are essential with respect to those linked to the knowledge acquired. Role skills can be taught and developed.


The Performance evaluation system encourages constant dialogue between Managers and Collaborators, reinforcing everyone's commitment to the company's objectives and challenges.

  • Creation of Development Plans without any gender discrimination, favoring a constructive dialogue aimed at accountability thanks to the use of feedback intended as continuous improvement.
  • Include the dimensions of Diversity and Inclusion within the Leadership Model and consequently in the Performance Management system.
  • In the "Final Evaluation" phase, the Management, in concert with the various Managers, verifies that the evaluation curve does not show gender discrimination.


  • Offer equal development opportunities without any gender discrimination, defining transparent and consistent standards with the Performance Management and Talent Development processes.
  • Provide direct training sessions for all employees aimed at raising awareness on the issue of valuing differences, gender equality, inclusion and the impact on business that these issues have. Specifically, all the figures with roles of responsibility and coordination of working groups on issues related to unconscious bias and the ability to communicate in an inclusive manner are sensitized.
  • Equally involve both women and men in all initiatives and training courses in at least one training session a year.


  • Promote a culture based on meritocracy and respect for people regardless of gender.
  • Ensure that in the Talent Development and Succession Plan processes there is an adequate selection of profiles without distinction of gender, with the aim of achieving balance in managerial positions (but always guaranteeing the focus and attention on meritocracy).


  • The periodic remuneration interventions and the short and long-term incentive systems are anchored to principles of recognition of the responsibilities assigned, the results achieved and the quality of the profuse professional contribution, taking into account the context and market references applicable for similar positions or for roles of comparable level in terms of responsibility and complexity.
  • Ensure fairness and opportunity to access the same remuneration for all employees, regardless of gender.
  • Promote actions and behaviors that respond to the Company's culture, in compliance with the principles of plurality, equal opportunities, enhancement of people's knowledge and professionalism, fairness and non-discrimination.


  • Improving the work-life balance in all phases of the employee's personal and professional life through support during and after periods of long absence from work, avoiding any discrimination during and after the leave, allowing them to stay in contact with the Company during the himself and favoring the reintegration at the end.
  • Prevent harassment (of any entity and nature) in the workplace through a dedicated awareness-raising process on gender-based harassment that creates awareness in people and guides them in their daily behaviour. To this end, the organization has also set up a channel through which employees can make reports in total anonymity.


  • Apply a clear and shared "exit interview" process to collect qualitative feedback and analyze it to promptly identify processes, tools or aspects to be improved in the company. In this regard, particular attention will be given to people who leave the company for reasons attributable to gender (non-return from maternity leave, inability to reconcile family commitments vs. professional life, etc.).

The Management also undertakes to document and make this document available to the public and at all company levels, as well as to encourage all members of the organization to know and implement this Policy, in order to open a dialogue between the company and all its Stakeholders both internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, institutional subjects, etc.) which leads to greater sensitivity towards the issues of Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality.

Lastly, the Management ensures that this Policy is available to the public and at all company levels by exploiting all the communication tools in its possession, such as company bulletin boards, intranet and the website

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